Dream Lake

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Price: from 950 $ / m2
Address: (Ua) Барське шосе, 1 а
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Dream Lake is a residential complex that will become your place, your lifestyle, your home. The highlight of the complex is its own lake, which adds comfort and peace. It is an ideal place for evening walks with friends and family.

Everything you need to live in HARMONY WITH NATURE!

Dream Lake apartments are special. First of all, because these are apartments from the SVAROG Development company, which means that stylish houses, comfortable layouts, large windows and high ceilings are waiting for you here. And also the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

Interesting architecture and technological engineering solutions make the residential complex modern and practical at the same time.

It is easy to breathe here, it is interesting to walk and move safely.

Dream Lake – enjoy suburban comfort without leaving the city.

Residential complex Dream Lake is a complex of 8 business class houses near the business cluster of Vinnytsia. The territory of the residential complex has its own lake and is located at a distance of 500 m from the Vishensky lake.

The balance between nature and the city restores, energizes and inspires further development. It is quiet and green here, but 5 minutes – and all the advantages of Cherry are within walking distance.

Create a comfortable rhythm of life – work, study and rest without leaving the area. Supermarkets, offices, schools and kindergartens, shopping centers, pharmacies – everything is close to your home.

  • Fresh air, fishing and rest: near the houses there is Vyshensky lake and green alleys.
  • Trolleybus, tram and bus stops within a 3-minute walk.
  • Shopping and entertainment center Plaza park.
  • Several kindergartens and schools nearby.

Imagine starting the day with birdsong: your own terrace, a cup of aromatic coffee and green landscapes around. As you inhale the smell of fresh grass after the rain during your morning jog along the picturesque alleys. Or, as at the end of a working day, you return home, taking a leisurely stroll to the lake. An ideal place to walk with your pets.

Dream Lake is a symbiosis of different lifestyles, where everyone will feel comfortable. The territory of the complex is divided into areas for recreation and games.

The yard of your house is a cozy place where you can walk and play sports, play on the court and relax in the lounge area. Residential buildings form an internal space that is closed from cars.

Live in a place where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, in harmony with nature!

For residents

The first floors of residential buildings are provided for commercial infrastructure: shops, cafes, consumer services. For example, to buy groceries, you just need to take the elevator.

For business

We are interested in the comfort of our residents and strive to create for them a place where there is everything they need to live. Accessible infrastructure is one such area.

If you are looking for a profitable investment in commercial real estate, we offer you favorable conditions for doing business in residential complexes of the construction company SVAROG Development.